Norwegian Breakaway reviews universally positive

Norwegian Breakaway reviews universally positive

Some of the early reviews had a divided opinion of the Norwegian Breakaway, but this was to be expected because of teething issues with boarding, as well as some reviewers saying the pools are too small for the number of passengers.

However, these teething issues are long behind NCL and that first lot of passengers from the cruise industry has had time to reflect on their time onboard, and it seems as though the Norwegian Breakaway reviews have been universally positive. So, the latest ship from the NCL fleet is a winner.

We’ve already seen several reports saying that the Norwegian Breakaway is a classy vessel that has been well designed, and as such has changed the way we look at cruise ships. If this is the way forward for Norwegian Cruise Line, then they have a strong future.

What we love about this new ship is how they looked at the Norwegian Epic and all the things they felt did not work for the ship was removed, something that other cruise lines should think about doing.

NCL has always excelled in entertainment, and the new water slides are just one of many entertainment activities centered on fun for the children, along with some amazing shows for the evening, such as Rock of Ages. NCL has also made improvements to their dining experience, with the various restaurants in the Waterfront proving just that.

Like we said, the Norwegian Breakaway reviews have been rather positive, but we’d love to hear from you once you’ve taken your first cruise onboard.

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