Carnival Sunshine Serenity advantages for adults

Carnival Sunshine Serenity advantages for adults

Serenity is a place like you see on two P&O ships; where this is an adults only area, although Carnival Cruises takes this experience to a whole new level. There are several ships in the fleet with this area where no children are allowed, with the Carnival Sunshine offering the best yet.

However, we already know that this area has been hit with a few problems on its inaugural cruise, but small issues like waterfalls not working and other minor problems are to be expected, and have no doubt been resolved by now.

Let’s hope that have because the Carnival Sunshine Serenity advantages for adults will be truly amazing, and we hope to experience them one day. We’re not against children on a cruise ship, as it’s so nice to see them having fun, and makes you feel happy when you see a child smile, but there are times when it all gets a bit too much, and so you look for a place other than your stateroom where you can relax without the fear of being disturbed by an over-excited kid.

The Carnival Sunshine Serenity area is open for adults over 21, even better as we know how childish some 18 year olds can be. There is a complete bar service and they have sun loungers where you can fall back in and get lost in the moment, yes they are that comfortable. Soft music plays in the background and there are even extra large umbrellas if the heat gets too much for you.

If there was ever an area on the Carnival Sunshine where you needed to ease away your tension, then the spa would be first choice, with Serenity a very close second.

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