Titanic 2 ship questions and answers, no ticket price yet

Titanic 2 questions and answers, no ticket price yet

From the moment the news broke that an Australian businessman was going to rebuild the Titanic, the interest had been remarkable, and for good reason. As you would imagine there would be a huge number of Titanic 2 ship questions, and while some of them have answers, some of them are not so forthcoming.

So let’s look at some of those Titanic 2 questions and answers so far. Many of you have been asking how you can register for updates, and all you need to do is head over HERE, where you can register to receive all the latest Titanic 2 news updates.

There have been so many people inquiring in regards to Titanic 2 jobs, but as yet there are no vacancies, but when there are they will be advertised on the Blue Star Website.

As for the Titanic 2 schedule, she will stop at the same ports as the original ship, and she will have the same three classes, First Class, Second Class and Third Class. There are currently ongoing discussions to allow passengers to experience all the three classes

The size of Titanic 2 will be almost identical to the original, although the new ship will be a little wider to help improve stability. So many of you have been asking if the Titanic 2 restaurants will be the same as the original ship, and from what we are being told the answer is yes.

Finally, so many of you have been asking about the Titanic 2 ticket price, and so far Blue Star Line has yet to set these prices.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/baizidahmed.zidan Baizid Ahmed Zidan

    is titanic 2 real?

  • Kevin Hill

    yes they are building it