Problems for Norwegian Breakaway visitors expected today

Problems for Norwegian Breakaway visitors expected today

There could be a few problems ahead for visitors who wish to visit the Norwegian Breakaway later today, as well as those passengers on the ship who hope to see the sights in Bermuda. This is because the infrastructure has been in need of a major overhaul, as questions have been asked if Bermuda is able to cope with this many visitors.

There have been upgrades to the to Heritage Wharf, just so the port is able to cope with the Norwegian Breakaway, and workers have had to work around the clock in order to complete the job. However, there are so many other things that could go wrong, and so preparing for the arrival of the latest ship from NCL has been a huge undertaking.

Not only will there be the Norwegian Breakaway, but locals and other holidaymakers will also descend on the area to get a glimpse at the new cruise ship. The government has taken several precautionary measures to assure there will be no issues, such as putting on more ferries, but taxi drivers are concerned they will not be able to cope with the influx of visitors. They say this because the new road network has yet to be tested under these extreme conditions.

Let’s hope that there will not be reports of Norwegian Breakaway problems for passengers because they found themselves stranded at the port, because this has happened in the past with other ships, hence the reason for the upgrades to Heritage Wharf.

However, to ease congestion, it’s been reported that access to King and Heritage Wharfs will be restricted today to just officials and public transportation vehicles, so the public has been advised to stay away. However, because the vessel will be in the dockyard until Friday, officials have said that they can take the opportunity to see the Norwegian Breakaway after today, which as we know will be the busiest day for the area.

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