Costa Diadema vs. Quantum of the Seas – Inaugural cruise dilemma

Costa Diadema Inaugural cruise

If you are planning to go on a cruise in October 2014, then you could have a predicament on your hands, this is because many of you will not only want to see what the new Costa Diadema ship is like, but also the Quantum of the Seas.

Both these ships will have their inaugural cruise in October of next year, and while many of you have already made your choice, there are still some of you who are undecided. Both cruise lines have different approaches to how they design their ships, as well as the experience they offer their passengers.

Quantum of the Seas Inaugural cruise

However, it’s still obvious that the Royal Caribbean will not have to try as hard as Costa Cruises, who still has to cope with the fallout since the Costa Concordia disaster. Having said that, cruising is still a safe form of travel, so you should not let that incident out you off.

Costa Diadema vs. Quantum of the Seas – Will you go with the former, which as a 132,500 gross tonnage and will accommodate 4,947, making it the biggest in their fleet. Or will you choose the latter, with its 167,800 gross tonnage and up to 4,905 passengers, and is not the largest in the RCI fleet?

Both ships will have their positives and negatives; the question is, which out of the two will have the best innovations, culinary delights and entertainment. Our money is on the Quantum of the Seas because we already know so much about the ship. However, we could change our mind once more is known about the Costa Diadema.

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  • Craig Ham

    Quantum is not NCL. It is a Royal Caribbean ship.

  • Reene

    If the Costa D will be 132,500 GT holding 4947 passengers, the passenger to space ratio will be way to small for my liking. Besides, I already am too excited about the QOS and can not wait to sail on her.