Norwegian Getaway entertainment to include Legally Blonde

Norwegian Getaway entertainment to include Legally Blonde

When it comes to the newest entertainment announcements on Norwegian Getaway, you won’t believe your eyes or in fact your ears. The reason for this is because Getaway will have a slice of Broadway with the Tony Award-nominated musical Legally Blonde.

We’re sure it won’t be long after taking your seat that you will be singing along to many of the songs from the show. For those who have never seen the movie, you will follow the career of Elle Woods, although you will have to see her being dumped by her boyfriend first, but then follows him to Law School.

Her aim is to win him back, but after making some new friends she understands that there is more to life and she is far better than her deadbeat ex-boyfriend.

It’s then that her adventure begins, and what a wonderful and happy one it is. Elle Woods is such an infectious character, that you can’t help being drawn in and attached to her. There’s not many movies or shows that will draw you in to such a bubbly character, as they can often become tiresome, but not so for Woods.

If this show is not for you, then there are some other great acts to see, as the Norwegian Getaway entertainment is said to be second-to-none, and with already winning awards for their entertainment in the past, NCL looks set to carry on that tradition.

The Levity Entertainment Group has played a big part in this, and with a superb roster for Getaway planned we cannot wait to see what’s next. If you cannot wait then you can see what all the fuss is about with the latest ship in their fleet, the Norwegian Breakaway.

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