Titanic 2 ship management services revealed

Titanic 2 ship management services revealed

Titanic 2 news is not very forthcoming, unlike some of the larger cruise ship companies, as they keep us fully informed as to the progress, such as videos and tweets. However, because the new Titanic 2 ship is so early in its project, what do we really expect?

We already have some idea of what to expect, such as the Titanic II safety features, as well as the Chinese set to take on the big European cruise ship builders. However, we now have news on the official ship management services partner for the Titanic 2, which is to be V.Ships Leisure. This company is well known in its filed for providing third-party ship management, as well as other related services.

It will be their job to ensure the Titanic 2 launch date does not fall behind, as they have a very important role to play, and with the vast experience of V.Ships Leisure, we’re sure they are up to the challenge.

V.Ships Leisure has already spoken out about their joy in being a member of the team whose job it will be to re-create such an iconic ship, and because they are able to customize each clients needs, they should not disappoint.

The Titanic 2 is expected to launch in 2016 from its dockyard in China, where she will then set tail for Southampton and then retrace the same voyage as the original liner.

Thanks to Blue Star Line.

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