P&O Ventura refit tour shows off refurbishment highlights

With the likes of RCI, NCL and even Princess Cruises bringing new ships to the fleet, it seems all P&O has to offer for now is a refit of the Ventura, although we do know the company is working on a much larger ship. However, as that is still a few years away, this refit is all they have to offer for now.

Several days ago we were treated to a P&O Ventura refit tour, which featured designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, as he shows us around and explains some refurbishment highlights, two of which are East by Atul Kochhar and The Glass House, serving drinks chosen by Olly Smith.

There are some new cabins, even for those who travel alone, and if you just want a break from it all, then you really need to check out the new outdoor spa, which is adults only, although you do have to pay a small fee for the privilege.

P&O Ventura refit tour shows off refurbishment

The P&O Ventura refurbishment is not only extensive, but glamorous as well, and for those of you who have cruised on the Azura will see some of the similarities.

Atul Kochhar has overhauled the menu in East, and if you are booked on a Ventura cruise you really need to try the food, as Kochhar has come up with an amazing menu. Keeping with the food them, The Glass House not only serves wonderful wines and cocktails, but also has amazing food, which the wines have been chosen to complement.

The only downside to the newer Ventura is the fact that she is still unable to compete with the likes of The Royal Caribbean or Norwegian Cruise Line when it comes to the fun factor.

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