Norwegian Breakaway menu and dining experience in Ocean Blue

Norwegian Breakaway menu and dining experience in Ocean Blue

With the Norwegian Breakaway already concluding her first sailing with passengers onboard, she is now in New York. It won’t be long before she sets sail again, and with food being one of the reasons to choose a cruise, well that and seeing the world, NCL has been sharing more details about Ocean Blue and its menu and dining experience.

Ocean Blue includes three restaurants, all with seafood in mind, and with Geoffrey Zakarian in charge of the menu you know you are in for a real treat. The three establishments are the Ocean Blue, which offers premium ingredients to give you a culinary experience you will not forget, The Raw Bar, which serves up crustaceans and cocktails (yuk) and finally Ocean Blue on The Waterfront, which is a place to eat for those looking for a more casual dining option.

There clearly is something for all here, but only if you are a lover of seafood, so not certain this is a place for children, which will please those who are looking for a more peaceful dining experience.

The Norwegian Breakaway menu for Ocean Blue can be seen here, and you’ll also notice that there are other food items on the menu, such as chicken, and even vegetarian options. However, what appeals to us is the Roast Peking Duck, as it also comes with Sicilian pistachios, caramelized endives and prunes. Although the perfectly grilled Prime Delmonico Steak looks very tempting as well.

If you are not in the mood for a huge meal, then Ocean Blue also offers snacks for you to sample instead, much like The Glass House onboard the Azura and now the Ventura.

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