Celebrity Cruises paves way for Xbox 720 in 2014

Celebrity Cruises paves way for Xbox 720 in 2014

Celebrity Cruises already offers a unique experience for those who love technology, as they have a store allowing you to purchase Apple products. Keeping with this theme the company is now bringing another experience to passengers, and that’s a collaboration with Microsoft’s Xbox.

They will bring one of the biggest Xbox experiences at sea, allowing passengers to enjoy the Xbox 360. However, there’s more to it than just providing a few games consoles on their ships, as Celebrity will offer a host of activities as part of their Fun Factory and X-Club facilities. This means you will be able to enter competitions for a range of Xbox games, which are to also include the Kinect as well, which we know will add even more excitement.

However, you have to wonder if this is just the start, and 2014 could bring even more to Celebrity ships, as this could pave the way for the new Xbox 720. You have to ask yourself if this new venture proves very successful that they will replace the 360 with the next-gen Xbox once they have been released? Although this would limit the games available onboard at first, but we’re sure by the summer of 2014 there will be a greater choice.

We know Celebrity is a premium brand in the cruise industry, and if they have a partnership with Microsoft’s Xbox, then surely they will want to have the most up-to-date console available to them, and come next year that will be the 720, or whatever Microsoft names their new console?

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