Carnival Sunshine complaints concerning isolated problems

Carnival Sunshine complaints concerning isolated problems

Things just don’t seem to be going Carnival’s way of late, as their ships have been marred by a series of events, and what’s more surprising is the fact that the newly launched Carnival Sunshine has now come under fire from passengers.

There have been several Carnival Sunshine complaints, including issues with cabins, to some parts of the top deck being inaccessible because of ongoing work. The Carnival Sunshine refit and relaunch has cost the company $155 million, and because it has taken workers two and a half months to complete, you would have assumed this was enough time to complete the refurbishment.

We are told that work is still ongoing, and the Lido pool had to be closed because of technical issues, which isn’t good enough. The reason we say this is because passengers have spent a lot of money to cruise on the Carnival Sunshine, and were assured they would have a time they would never forget.

The company has been in touch with USA Today and said that while these problems are isolated, such as the Serenity pool, the surrounding areas are open as normal. They also said that the minor issues with the cabins are to be expected with a ship that has just undergone an extensive refit.

Okay, we know that this was an older ship, and was in desperate need of a refit, but it’s still no excuse to have these issues. It will be interesting to see if the Disney Magic will have similar issues, as this is also an older ship due for refurbishment, although we highly doubt Disney would allow such issues?

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  • hernandovoters

    bitch,bitch,bitch…complain,complain,complain. Criticize without having a clue as to what is going on in the technical realm. OF COURSE there will be minor problems at the outset. Now,if Carnival simply ignored them (which they will not) then there would be cause to criticize. This is, otherwise, just a cheap shot at Carnival Corp: kick the giant in the shins then run away,squealing with laughter,and re-group to do it again. It’s always fun to hide behind a PC and write nasty articles with no basis in fact. I know this because I’ve sought out info on the Sunshine.We’re booked on her in June. By then,things will be running smoothly. No doubt perks are being offered to those ‘squeaky wheels’ onboard the maiden voyage who never learned how to relax and enjoy life.Hint: it’s called a FUNship for a reason.

    • SunshineCruiser

      It seems like you’re the one with no basis in fact. The place was a shithole. It’s hard to have FUN when you’re constantly smelling diesel and paint thinner. Or how about when the toilets won’t flush or you can’t take a shower because you only have freezing cold water. Waterworks was open for 1 day and the pool never opened. They also had crap for “perks”.

  • Larry Vaux

    u know the titanic was to be such a wonderful ship also,but,it sank too,so don’t be so hard on ccl’s for trying to meet our needs.

  • Reene

    Minor issues says the OP, but water leaking in cabins coming down walls from bathrooms on the above deck is not a minor issue. Getting a few bugs out is one thing but this ship was not ready to sail. People loyal to CCC can defend them all they want, but the fact remains, Carnival has been screwing up alot. Good article!

  • Evelyn

    I have sailed with Carnival 14 times. Too say this ship had a few problems is a joke. Very little worked and they sailed with a skelaton crew so they could keep contract workers on board. Very little worked, the food was always bad and cold. When I went down to guest services the first night to talk about the issues in my cabin there were hundreds of people in line to complain. Naked wires sticking out of walls in cabins, holes kicked in walls and many other issues. The crew did their best but there was just so much they could do. Carnival had to know the situation with this ship and it should not have sailed out. They gave us a $75 credit for our inconvenience and that was an insult. I have been a loyal customer of Carnival for 20 years. I will not sail with them again! THis was not an accident. They apparently did not care and to read their responce was an insult. The windows of the formal dinning room was covered in oil streaks and bird poo. Try having dinner looking at that.

  • Longtime cruiser

    I was on the inaugural sail. There were many major problems and some that could have been corrected before sail. For example: the emergency exit on Deck 1 was blocked due to old ceiling materials and piles of pipes filling the walk space. I was stuck in an elevator 3 times in 4 days and t make it worse the alarm buttons did not work. I had to pry my way out. Fortunately all three times I was stuck on a floor. One whole side of the ship stunk of feces from overflowing toilets and blocked drains. Some of this was also seeping down walls from the ceilings. Right about now the rugs and flooring areas are incubating mold. There were holes in the floors and at the top of stairs, and wires hanging from walls, ceilings and out of floors. Silicon glue fumes permeated many of the halls, and even on the night of the event for return cruisers, The vents were pumping noxious glue fumes. We reported it, but nothing was done. For 2 days I awoke in the morning with a horrible headache from the glue fumes. I was not alone. Workers on blocked off deck 10 were smoking while they were applying glues, paint and other flammable materials. Even on the last day of the cruise, the day all were departing, there were people wandering the halls looking for a toilet and a place to take a shower. Respiratory issues abound with both passengers and staff. Many passengers and staff walked off at the various ports. Other than a quick announcement by the captain one day apologizing for the unavailable sports deck and pool areas, NOTHING was said. Even when the cruise director was cornered (he was hidden most of the time) he evaded the issues. His favorite thing to do was playing kids games on stage. The first nights performance was solely him selecting 2 teams of 4 alternating a man and a woman and proceeded to have the man pass a spoon on a string up his pants and down the blouse of the woman next to him. This was a Med cruise of mostly people late 50s to 70s. BTW, he got sick as well. I talked with the captain, the safety officer, head of guest services and a host of others including some execs from Carnival on this cruise. On top of everything else one of their performers stood up in front of several of the 3000 ship passengers and did a HATE speech about gay men. Many were horrified and boycotted future performances. He set a dangerous tone for a group of people who are prosecuted, or worse, in some countries, countries that had citizens on our cruise. When I voiced my concern the CD asked me “how much money I wanted” . I told him it was not about money. If Carnival cares so little about the safety and health of it’s passengers, and fuels the fires of hatred toward certain groups, tries to squelch it by throwing a few bucks, or a free dinner in their high ended restaurants, then they will dig their own watery grave. I have been cruising for 35 years and have experienced some tough conditions, but I have never seen it this bad.

  • Longtime cruiser

    BTW.I have supporting photos but I am not sure if I can post them here, and, if so, how.