Disney Magic AquaDunk more thrilling than Royal Princess SeaWalk

We already know how nice it will be to take a walk along the SeaWalk, onboard the Royal Princess, but many of you believe the North Star, which is on the Quantum of the Seas will be more fun. Having said that, if you are looking for something a little more thrilling, then might we suggest the Disney Magic AquaDunk.

The new waterslide will be far better than we have seen on other ships, thanks to designers Huey, Duey and Louie, who created the slide for their uncle Donald. You will go to the highest part of the ship, which had to be rebuilt so you can access this area.

Disney Magic AquaDunk more thrilling than Royal Princess SeaWalk

Once you reach the top you will walk inside a cylinder and then wait for the floor below your feet to fall away, sending you plummeting down the slide. You will be falling 40 feet, but the thrilling part is when you swing out about 18 feet over the side of the Disney Magic, allowing you to see the sea below.

This is just one of many exciting features coming to the new Disney Magic, more of which we will discuss at a later date. Okay, so the Magic is an old ship now, but the refit is certain to reignite your love for her once again. Let’s hope she does not lose her character, as she is still a beloved ship in the Disney fleet.

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  • Reene

    I love DCL and think their ships are first rate. With that said, the aqua dunk will be better for anyone that wants a fun slide on a ship. Other’s that couldn’t care less about a slide will love the sea walk. I personally would like to be on both ships.