Titanic 2 starts Chinese challenge to European ship builders

Titanic 2 starts Chinese challenge to European ship builders

The most famous ship to ever sail the seas has to be the Titanic, not because she was the most impressive ship ever built, but because of the tragedy, even though she was said to be virtually unsinkable. Technology has come a long way since then and so it would be great for people to cruise on a beautifully liner and finally make it all the way to New York.

Thankfully, this is to become a reality because an Australian businessman announced a project to build the Titanic 2, which we have previously discussed, such as the many safety features that will be implanted on the cruise liner.

We cannot wait to see the end result, but that’s a long way off. Let’s hope that quality control is up to scratch on the Titanic 2 ship, as it will be built by Chinese ship builders. We have seen many issues with Chinese work in the past, but we are certain this will not be an issue, especially because of the significance of the ship.

There’s a great importance with China in building the Titanic 2, because they are very eager to break into the luxury ship market, because while they are big players in building carrier and container vessels, they only have a small market share in cruise ship building.

However, Titanic 2 will be the beginning of an enormous Chinese challenge to the European luxury ship builders. Do you think there will soon be a shift in who builds future cruise ships?

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