First Norwegian Breakaway reviews imminent

First Norwegian Breakaway reviews imminent

The Norwegian Breakaway from NCL arrived in the port of Southampton yesterday, and is one of the largest ships to make its debut there. While there, hundreds of agents will attend a special preview event to get to see what the ship has to offer.

We expect the imminent release of the Norwegian Breakaway reviews, once these agents have seen what the ship has to offer that is. NCL needs this ship to be a success because of the amount of money they have invested in her, as well as the fact she is different to previous ships in the fleet.

First Norwegian Breakaway reviews looms

Take the staterooms, they have a modern look and feel to them, and those open-planned bathrooms from Norwegian Epic have been replaced with streamlined, enclosed ones instead.

It’s clear to see that Norwegian Cruise Lines needs the Breakaway to do well, as they are offering a bonus commission of 4% for staff in their agencies for cruises booked between May 14 – June 14. They will also be offered another £25 bonus on all new bookings up to May 14, 2013.

With these incentives it’s hard to know if we will get a true idea of what the ship is really like, but once the first passengers embark, then it will not be long before we get a true review of the Norwegian Breakaway.

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