Celebrity Solstice 2014 itinerary leads to alterations

Celebrity Solstice 2014 itinerary leads to alterations

There seems to be a desire amongst the big cruise companies that bigger is better, but as we know this is not always the case. Some passengers hate the thought of such a large ship, because it’s far too busy for them, as well as the fact they often lack that personal feel.

However, the biggest issue with such large ships is fitting into ports and sailing under low bridges. This is just the dilemma faced with the Celebrity Solstice, as she will need to be altered in order for her to fit under the Lions Gate Bridge when she stops in Vancouver dock next year.

So the Celebrity Solstice 2014 itinerary will lead to alterations being made to her mast, so that she can be telescopically retracted, much like what RCI had to do with their Oasis Class ships. This is certainly going to be costly, so one has to wonder why this was not part of her design in the first place?

We don’t expect the Celebrity Solstice to be the last ship to have to undergo alterations with her mast, as other large ships could also struggle to use the Port Metro Vancouver. There has been rumors to suggest that this bridge could be altered in the future, and while it would cost a lot, these cruise ships bring a lot of money to the area they visit.

However, it would be much easier for these cruise lines to incorporate telescopic masts while in the shipyard being built.

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