Review of Disney Magic refit for 2013

Review of Disney Magic refit for 2013

Some cruise ships age with grace, while others begin to look very tired long before they should, so which one does Disney Magic fall into? She was Disney’s first cruise ship, and so news of a major refit of this 15-year-old vessel will come as good news to those who love the ship.

Over the past 15 years so many things have changed in cruise ship design, as well as passenger needs, but can you take a ship this old and bring it up to today’s standards? Her refit is to begin in September 2013 and will take one-month to complete, where the new Disney Magic features will include new restaurants, fun areas for children to play, refurbished cabins, a new spa centre and even new waterslides.

While Disney Magic is looking tired, which can be seen with torn fabrics, and overall wear and tear, those involved with the refit have to be careful not to go too modern, as it’s the Art Deco that makes the ship what she is. It’s certainly going to be a fine balancing act.

The Disney website certainly builds the Disney Magic refurbishment up, which can be see in their mini review of the upgrades here. It’s clear Magic will be a major ship in their fleet once again, and will be one that children will want to go on once again. New features such as Marvel characters is just one of them, because this will be the first Disney ship to feature heroes from the Marvel Universe.

Do you think the Disney Magic 2013 refit will be good enough for her to compete with the newer ships?

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  • Workingfortheweekend

    Yes I do! She will certainly hold her ground against any ship regardless of size. Bigger is not better. Hey, it’s Disney and they always do it right!!!etc.

  • Reene

    The Magic will sure to be a hit and passengers will fall in love with her all over again!