Celebrity Eclipse cruise ship is 3 years old today

Celebrity Eclipse cruise ship is 3 years old today

Today is a special day, as the Celebrity Eclipse cruise ship is 3 years old, and no doubt one of our colleges will be reminiscing about the time he spent on this ship, as it was his very first cruise. No doubt other previous passengers were doing the same thing, and deciding to get some photos out, and then comment on the Celebrity cruises Facebook page.

Having never tried this particular ship it’s hard to see what all the fuss is about, but with most comments for Celebrity Eclipse being positive you get the feeling it’s one of the better cruise ships on our seas.

The features onboard are truly amazing, but it’s the food from those specialty restaurants and even the buffet that puts this ship in a class unrivaled by most other ships.

We’d love to know what the crew and passengers are all doing onboard the Celebrity Eclipse to celebrate this occasion? We were on the Azura on her 1st birthday, and the celebration was very formal, which we expect would be the same on the Eclipse.

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