Adventure of the Seas refit: Refurbishment starts January 2014

Adventure of the Seas refit- Refurbishment starts January 2014

One of our colleague’s knew the last Adventure of the Seas refit brought it a little more up-to-date, but understood a few more things needed some attention, which is why they were happy to learn that the next Adventure of the Seas refurbishment starts in January 2014, and will be ready February 3.

Since learning this, he has since booked with them and was pleased in the knowledge that the Adventure of the Seas will now get some necessary upgrades to bring it in line with some of Royal Caribbean’s newer ships.

The last refit was back in 2009, so nice to see RCI committed to bringing further improvements, unlike our time on the Aurora, as P&O has let things slip a little with this aging ship, which is a shame because it could be a beautiful ship if P&O gave here the attention she deserves.

Adventure of the Seas refit
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So what’s included in the Adventure of the Seas 2014 refit? Firstly, there will be some new restaurants and other eateries, such as Park Café, Chef’s Table, Giovanni’s Table, along with an updated Vintages wine bar.

This refit will also bring with it some technical enhancements as well, like Digital Signage, Pervasive Wi-Fi, Interactive Flat-screen TVs and an Outdoor movie screen, ideal if you have a warm evening.

Other improvements includes Concierge Club, Diamond Club and a Nursery, perfect if you wish to have an evening alone and not have to worry about your young child, which we have to say would be perfect for our colleague, as his new child will be 16 months by the time he goes on Adventure of the Seas.

Look at the image above; as it will show you what other Royal Caribbean ships will be refitted in 2013 and 2014.

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