Royal Princess The Horizon Bistro & Pastry Shop progress

Having already seen what we can look forward to onboard the Royal Princess with its casual dining, we have now been treated to the progress of The Horizon Bistro & Pastry Shop. Make sure you have your sweet tooth ready while on the cruise, as they will be serving fresh pastries 24 hours a day.

Above you will see the Royal Princess The Horizon Bistro & Pastry Shop during its construction, as well as a computer render of what we can expect. If you are reading this in our app and are unable to view the video, then we suggest you try this link.

At the start of the video you will see the operations manager standing inside the Royal Princess The Horizon Bistro, which is said to be a great area to visit because behind him will be the Pastry Shop. The room will take up 1200 square feet and as we said above, will be open 24 hours a day.

Royal Princess Pastry Shop

The best part is they are all complementary and you cannot only get to taste a great selection of pastries, but also take part in classes and watch the Pastry Chef make wedding cakes. It’s not just a place to put on the pounds, but to also take back some skills as well.

Let’s hope that this will not be a haven for children to hang around, as it will spoil what Royal Princess is trying to do. My mouth is watering already.

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  • Scott

    Uh-oh. Free is NOT good for my waistline.

  • claus

    thats wars very british ship!!