Naming a new 2014 Cunard teddy bear for ship stores

Naming a new 2014 Cunard teddy bear for ship stores

Cunard Cruise Line is getting their Facebook fans involved once again, this time they have asked your help in naming their new 2014 Cunard teddy bear, which is to be sold onboard in their ship stores. You have until this Friday to name the bear, which can be a he or she.

While we have an image of a bear above, we cannot be sure this is of the 2014 version, as it looks more male than female. Then again, it’s hard to tell with a bear when they are wearing a uniform. Okay, you can easily tell we have never owned a bear before; we cannot grasp the idea of gender with one of these cuddly toys.

There have certainly been some strange names put forward on Cunard’s Facebook page, such as Captain Cuni (cannot see this name being put forward for obvious reasons). There are two other suggestion that we like, such as Samuel, who as you know founded the Cunard line, or better still make it a royal affair and name it the same as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s child.

Other less impressive choices includes Britannia the Atlantic bear, Southampton, Liverpool and Cunabear. We’d love for you to tell us what you would like to call this bear? Remember to check out their Facebook page tomorrow to see what the cruise line came up with, that’s if they announce it then of course.

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