Azamara Club Cruises Special Event Voyages – Monaco Grand Prix

Azamara Club Cruises Special Event Voyages - Monaco Grand Prix

With so many cruise lines and destinations to choose from around the world, it’s often hard to make the right choice. However, once in a while one or two stand out, as they take in some great sporting events at the same time.

This is just what Azamara Club Cruises with their Special Event Voyages offers. They have two on offer at the moment; the first is for the British Open & Golf Package, which is for July 14, 2013. However, the one that we are more interested in is the voyage that takes in the Monaco Grand Prix on May 23, 2013.

This Azamara Club Cruises Special Event Voyages allows you to experience the lovely clear waters of the Atlantic, while taking in the action of what we believe to be one of the best sporting events on the globe.

Most people can only dream of visiting Monaco, but to be there for the Grand Prix and arriving by sea is just the icing on the cake as far as we’re concerned. However, there is one drawback, and that is the fact you have to purchase your Grand Prix tickets yourself, more details can be found by visiting Azamara Club Cruises website.

If you could arrive to a sporting event by cruise ship what would it be?

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