Norwegian Breakaway Chef’s Table an incredible dining experience

Norwegian Breakaway Chef's Table an incredible dining experience

The countdown for the first Norwegian Breakaway cruise draws ever closer, and the Norwegian Cruise Line has been building up to the big event with a series of Facebook posts, which looks at many different aspects of the ship.

Yesterday we got a small insight into the Norwegian Breakaway Chef’s Table, which is said to offer passengers an incredible dining experience – and you don’t have long to put this claim to the test.

Norwegian Cruise Line build the Chef’s Table up by describing how you will get to enjoy a 9-cource culinary adventure, which will be complemented by wine to go with each course – not good if you do not drink alcohol.

If you have been on an NCL cruise before, then chances are you would have experienced the Chef’s Table, and you would know that you would need to book early at the restaurant reservation desk, as spots are limited and they have a tendency to fill up quickly.

However, we have to warn you that this experience will cost $89 per person, although it is worth every cent. If you are allergic to anything then you are advised to inform the restaurant at time of booking, that way they will be able to accommodate your needs in advance.

We do have one warning for those who are trying to lose a little weight; this 9-course meal is around 6,000 calories.

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