New Crystal Cruises non-smoking policy for 2014

New Crystal Cruises non-smoking policy for 2014

Over the past year or so we have seen a trend with several cruise lines, and that is a change to their smoking policies. Yesterday saw another added to the list, as the new Crystal Cruises non-smoking policy will come into effect from January 5, 2014.

Crystal Cruises is to stop smoking in all indoor areas, such as staterooms and suites, in lobby lounges and nightclubs. The only places where you will be able to smoke is designated areas, but no doubt non-smokers will still find a reason to moan, although in some cases for good reason.

Most areas of Crystal ships have been non-smoking for a while now, this latest update in the policy is just keeping up with other cruise lines. These policies have also changed because of lifestyles have changed, as more and more people give up smoking.

However, another reason is because insurance policies are very high, and so these cruise lines have been forced to end smoking in rooms, and in some cases even those with balconies, as there are cases where cigarettes have blown into other rooms, which is a serious fire hazard.

There is still one area of these Crystal ships where you will be able to smoke inside, and that’s in the Connoisseur Club.

Are you for or against these strict new rules coming into effect for many cruise lines?

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