Latest cruise ship jobs for April 23, 2013

Latest cruise ship jobs for April 23, 2013

We’ve known plenty of people who have been happy with their jobs, as they feel as though it’s not exciting enough for them, as well as the fact they can never seem to see some of the amazing places around the world. However, there is a way where you are able to fulfill both of these, and that is with a job on a cruise ship.

Let’s get one thing clear, it’s not a holiday and you will need to work hard, but the rewards are great. You cannot get off at every port, but there is a chance for you to have a day off here and there, where you will be able to experience some of the many wonderful locations, as well as meet some amazing people as well – although some of us can be very demanding.

Looking at the latest cruise ship jobs for April 23, 2013, there are 4 new jobs up for grabs. The first job is for Crew Agency Hungary, whose aim is to look for people to fill vacancies on ships within the Food and Beverage Jobs area. More details here.

If you love entertainment, then Royal Caribbean International has a position for Youth Staff where they will get to have an exciting new career, well that’s what they say in this Royal Caribbean job listing.

V.Hospitality has a position in the food and beverage department and is for a Pastry Chef. You will be responsible for the entire bakery production and would need at least 5 years bakery experience in 5 star operations.

The final cruise ship job listing is with sea chefs Cruises Worldwide GmbH, who is looking for someone with childcare experience. The stipulation is that you will need to be from Western Europe and Central Europe and need to have worked for a Cruise Ship or in a 4 or five star hotel.

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