Experiencing the Royal Princess SeaWalk tour

Whenever a cruise line announces a new cruise ship they always have something special that they draw your attention to, Quantum of the Seas has the North Star, and the of Royal Princess has the SeaWalk. Both of these give you as a passenger an opportunity to view the sea below.

We like how these two cruise lines have a different approach to achieve this, and many will argue which of the two is the best. A few days ago we got to experience the Royal Princess SeaWalk tour thanks to a new video above (if you are viewing on our app then see the video here), which shows its construction and what we have to look forward to.

Experiencing the Royal Princess SeaWalk

The SeaWalk extends 20 feet from the side of the Royal Princess, and although it’s still under construction, you can see that it will be an interesting experience for passengers. Some of you have been saying this new feature is nothing like what the Quantum of the Seas has, and that Princess Cruises are trying their best to play catch up with RCI, as the North Star does seem to offer a far more enjoyable view of the sea, and a lot higher as well.

However, we do see a problem with the North Star when compared to the SeaWalk, and that is the queues, as we expect them to be rather large trying to board a capsule that looks like something from the London Eye.

Which of the two would you rather the SeaWalk or the North Star?

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