57 Carnival Cruise Line deals for UK following problems

57 Carnival Cruise Line deals for UK following problems

With the raft of problems affecting several Carnival Cruise Line ships, it’s no wonder they are eager to begin work on making several safety upgrades to their fleet. It was obvious that these recent Carnival Cruise Line problems would begin to affect booking, and so they have had a series of sales to try and counter a fall in bookings.

We can see that there are 57 Carnival Cruise Line deals for UK bookings (see them here), where in some cases you will be able to save around 40 per cent off the full price. These offers only apply up until April 30, 2013 for cruises to destinations such as the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Canada and the Baltics.

Since the Costa Concordia tragedy cruise bookings have fallen, and so did prices to try and get customers back on ships. However, over the months those prices have increased once again, but not for Carnival.

It’s a shame that it takes a series of issues with their fleet to offer some amazing deals. However, bookings are still far lower than they would hope. It’s hard to say if these latest Carnival Cruise Line deals will be enough to pull them out of the hole they are in right now.

Have you found yourself giving Carnival a wide berth since these recent incidents with some of their fleet?

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