Titanic 2 safety and construction review falls to Deltamarin

Titanic 2 safety and construction review falls to Deltamarin

When we first learned that Clive Palmer was to commission the building of the Titanic 2 this news would have been met with shock and excitement. On one hand some people would say naming a second ship with the same name is not a good idea because of the tragic circumstances of the sinking of the original Titanic.

However, we are sure most of you will be excited about this news, because things have moved on since then. Okay, so we know ships can still sink or have incidents (Carnival know all about that) but overall cruising is a very safe form of travel.

The Titanic 2 safety is a huge concern when it comes to the design and construction of this new ship, and it will be more of an importance because the cruise liner will have huge media attention.

A few days ago the Blue Star Line announced that Deltamarin will be designing the ship and will be constructed by CSC Jinling Shipyard. Deltamarin will have to undertake a review of the Titanic 2 safety and to make certain the ship complies with construction regulations.

The design company will also have to coordinate several other parties as well as CSC Jinling Shipyard, which will be brought in for the architecture, operations and also interior designers for the Titanic 2.

Once the Titanic 2 sets off on her maiden voyage in 2016 you can not only experience the luxurious ship from all those years ago, but also rest easy that it will be far safer than the original.

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