Norwegian Breakaway vs. Quantum of the Seas in pictures

The Norwegian Breakaway will see its maiden voyage later this month and will bring the best of New York to a cruise ship. This will be the best of what Norwegian Cruise Lines has to offer, but don’t expect Royal Caribbean to sit by and watch a competitor have one of the most advanced ships on the seas, as they will have Quantum of the Seas.

However, the Norwegian Breakaway will have the jump on the Quantum of the Seas because the latter is not expected to arrive until the fall of next year. Both ships have their own take on what a cruise passenger wants, which you can see in the video above (or here if you are viewing this on our app).

Norwegian Breakaway pictures

The Norwegian Breakaway pictures give us an idea of what we can expect, but we also have more of an insight on this ship here.

Quantum of the Seas pictures

The Quantum of the Seas images does show off some of the ships amazing new features, which we recently discussed. However, we cannot help have a little more love for the Norwegian Breakaway, not only because it will be with us in days, but because it has more of a fun-factor, something ideal for families.

Which of the two ships would you rather cruise on and why?

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  • Reene

    They are both very nice and exciting ships, so for me it would depend on the time of year I would sail. Colder months, definitely the QOS with the indoor sports area, the enclosed solarium so you can still swim and see the ocean. The Breakaway with so much that are out doors would be good for the warmer months. If I could only pick one, I would sail on the QOS. I just can’t get past the WOW factor of this ship!

  • Reene

    Also, I disagree that the Breakaway has more of a fun factor then Quantum. Again, they are both exciting ships, but Quantum also has a fun factor and will be great for families as well. It all depends on what kind of fun a family is looking for. I know my family would also prefer the Dreamworks experience over Sponge Bob and his friends. Either ship, passengers should have a good time.