MSC Cruises shortlists the 10 most original videos

MSC Cruises shortlists the 10 most original videos

MSC Cruises got together with Userfarm, a video crowdsourcing player to launch a campaign where video makers get to capture what is so great about the Mediterranean spirit. These short videos will have to exhibit how the company can show how life should be measured by the moments we enjoy and not by the minutes we experience.

While this may sound easy at first, it’s not, this is because we all value different moments in life, so what you value will be different to what is important to us. This is very similar to the different cultures throughout the Mediterranean.

In all there were 54 entries, and MSC Cruises shortlists the 10 most original videos. Each of them have now been rewarded with 400 euros. You can view these remaining video clips on Facebook, where you will also be allowed to vote for your favorite.

You have up until April 26, which is when voting will end. The winner will receive 2,000 euros in prize money, which would come in handy right now.

From what we can see on the MSC Cruises Facebook page, there are three that stand out in terms of their votes, and they are MSC Cruises – Mediterranean style with 701 votes, Mediterranean life with 426 and To Emotion You Is Our Mission, To Remember It Is Your Pleasure with 413 votes.

Head over to their Facebook page above, and please let us know who you voted for.

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