Disney Cruise Line features time lapse sand sculpture

Disney Cruise Line Facebook fans have been voting away for the Mickey on Castaway sand sculpture, and as special thanks there is now a time lapse video of the sculpture from start to completion, which you can either see above or HERE if you are viewing this on our app.

The Disney Cruise Line features an insight into how the sand sculpture was created by professional sand sculpture artists, which you may have seen when you went on the cruise to Castaway. We’ve all seen these amazing masterpieces on beaches around the world, but is great to see them being created before your very eyes without having to stand around for hours.

Disney Cruise Line features time lapse sand sculpture

Previous and future Disney Cruise Line holidaymakers have taken to Facebook to express what they think about the sculpture, but they have also been sharing their love for the cruise line as a whole. One person said that they were there watching it being created, while others are just excited at the fact they have a cruise booked with Disney.

One thing is quite clear, and that is for many of you Castaway is said to be one of their favorite destinations, but would you agree? It’s worth remembering that you need to be prepared to be inundated with children while on such a cruise, although even if you do not have children, the idea of a Disney cruise does seem rather magical, just as it is visiting one of their resorts – although we believe one of their cruises has the edge.

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