Carnival Cruise Lines fleet wide improvements to ships

Carnival Cruise Lines fleet wide improvements to ships

Carnival Cruise Lines is not the company it once was because of a series of issues with several of their ships, but they are a resilient company and will no doubt bounce back. However, in order to gain public support once again changes will need to be made, and news of a $300 million investment plan to help bring fleet wide improvements to their ships seems like a step in the right direction.

The $300 million investment is to start a new program where Carnival Cruise Lines will add emergency generators, improve engine rooms and finally upgrade fire safety on all of their 24 ships. Only time will tell if this will be enough to help the cruise line bounce back, but it seems like a good start.

The first stage of these improvements will be to install an extra emergency generator on all of their ships, which means if they experience a safety issue again the additional generator will help keep the fresh water, plumbing and the elevators working.

In time these will be replaced with permanent generators, which means just another back-up safety feature.

It’s no surprise that Carnival is to install a high-pressure water mist systems, which is to help improve fire safety. CEO Gerry Cahill said these upgrades would take 18 months to complete on all 24 ships.

However, there will also be more upgrades, which will need to go into drydock to be performed.

Are these improvements enough to reassure you about the brand, and will you be booking to go on the Carnival Sunshine?

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