New Royal Princess tempting casual dining options

Whenever you are on a cruise one of the things you look forward to is the food, as there is a greater choice than at any hotel you will ever stay at. We cannot remember how many times we have over indulged, but that’s all part of the experience.

However, if you are looking to try and be more reserved when it comes to eating on your next cruise, then you might want to give the New Royal Princess a miss, because it’s clear that food will be at the top of its menu – excuse the pun.

In this latest video (if you are reading in our app then see this video HERE) we get to see some of the Royal Princess’s tempting casual dining options to help whet your appetite. While the video tour does not offer you the same excitement as you get from what The Royal Caribbean would do, at least it’s much easier to focus on the details.

New Royal Princess tempting casual dining options 2

We get to hear from the Master Chef of Princess Cruises, who had come up with many of the dining options. It’s clear to see these eateries do not have the fun factor as some other cruise lines, but we know the new Royal Princess aims to cater for a different clientele, but will you be one of them?

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