Norwegian Breakaway specialty restaurants and Vibe Beach Club

Norwegian Breakaway specialty restaurants and Vibe Beach Club

Every day on their Facebook page Norwegian Cruise Line has been building up to the maiden voyage of the Norwegian Breakaway. Yesterday we looked at the deck excitement, and today we have days 17 and 16, which helps to promote the Vibe Beach Club and specialty restaurants.

If you head to deck 17 this is where you will find the Vibe Beach Club, which is a private retreat just for adults, something that will be very welcome, as we all know how much those screaming kids can wear you down. While there you will be able to relax in a huge hot tub while sipping away a cocktail or two from the bar. If there were ever a place on the Norwegian Breakaway to disconnect from everything, then the Vibe Beach Club would have to be it. More details here.

With the 16 days to go marketing tool on Facebook, we get to see 16 of the specialty restaurants, which is where you go if you fancy something a little different from the standard restaurants. Okay, so you will not be doing this a lot on your holiday, unless you do not mind a huge bill at the end of your cruise.

We are sure there will be a place for every taste, as you can choose to dine at an Italian, Brazilian, Persian, and many more. Check out all of the restaurants on the Norwegian Breakaway and let us know where you will be heading off to.

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