Sinking anniversary highlights Titanic 2 cruise ship safety

Sinking anniversary highlights Titanic 2 cruise ship safety deck

Today is the 101st anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, the ship that was said to be unsinkable. Over the years we have slowly learned why the ship sank, as it’s clear it was not all down to hitting an iceberg, as there were many more factors.

Thankfully the Titanic 2 cruise ship safety deck will give passengers something their counterparts did not have on the ill fated liner 101 years ago, and that is the knowledge that passenger safety comes first.

We’ve already discussed how Titanic 2 will look very similar to the original, but there has to be several changes to meet safety standards, and the addiction of the safety deck is just one of them. There is to also be new style lifeboats, which have more than oars to escape a ship in trouble. More details on the safety aspects of Titanic can be found on the Titanic 2 website.

Speaking of technology, there is a special Twitter page that shows tweets as though they were tweeted on that fateful day. It seems eerie to read, as they are rather convincing when you read them.

How much would you pay to go on the Titanic 2 maiden voyage?

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  • Jorein Versteege

    I only hope that this class based Titanic 2 is not like the original Titanic. Because the original Titanic prevented people from the second and third class to visit first class. I oppose class separation. It would be unfair for second and third class passengers not to be allowed to visit first class. I can understand that they cannot use the facilities of the first class, but you should not keep them in their own era’s. On the Queen Mary 2 there is only difference in cabins and diner rooms. If TItanic 2 remains a ship were only the rich can enjoy the best of the ship, then many people will be disappointed. Because most workers cannot pay between 5000 tot 10.000 dollar for a first class ticket. Second and third class would be the only option for most people.