Norwegian Breakaway deck excitement

Norwegian Breakaway deck excitement

On Saturday Norwegian Cruise Line uploaded another image to their Facebook page, and this one said 18 days to go until the Norwegian Breakaway. They point out that this new ship will have 18 decks that will come with amazing experiences you will not forget, which then asks which of these 18 decks will you visit first?

As you would imagine there has been a lot of interest with the new ship, and the Norwegian Breakaway deck excitement is just one of them. We’ve already looked at the new technology on this cruise ship, as well as the new fitness complex, which are just a fraction of what is to come.

There seems to be a great deal of upcoming passengers excited about deck 6,7 and 8, as this will be the heart of the ship because of the Café & Bar at the Atrium, Le Bistro French Restaurant, Bar 21, The Manhattan Room, Shaker’s Cocktail Bar and so much more.

Okay, you can see that we went for where you can get yourself a good meal or enjoy a drink or two, but indulgence is one of the reasons we go on a cruise.

However, we can also see that a few people have said they would not wish to visit any of these decks, or the ship itself, as it’s too large and prefer something a little smaller.

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