Crown Princess troubles an inconvenience, not a crisis

Crown Princess troubles an inconvenience, not a crisis

A few days ago we heard that passengers on board Princess Cruises Crown Princess were left feeling a little flushed (excuse the pun) because they were unable to flush their toilets in their staterooms on several occasions.

During a recent cruise, a few hundred of the ships toilets stopped working, but we have to wonder if passengers should be getting angry with the cruise line, because it’s clear they did all they can to rectify this inconvenience?

According to a recent article, it was not down to a malfunction but rather that of certain individuals. Having worked through the night to get the toilets working again, the maintenance crew had found several items had been thrown down the toilets, which blocked the system up.

This is not the first time the Crown Princess has had problems, but this one was out of their control. Okay, it’s horrible to have to use the public restrooms on the ship, as you would often have to use an elevator to find one, but what else could they do?

Blocked toilets is not an unusual thing to happen on a cruise, this happened to us while on a cruise last year, and we are sure it will happen again at some stage in the future. It just seems strange why some individuals would do such a thing, when they would not do it at home?

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