Celebrity Cruises unwanted publicity following St. Lucia incident

Celebrity Cruises unwanted publicity following St. Lucia incident

When we first learned the news that 55 passengers along with two Celebrity Eclipse crew members were robbed at gunpoint a few days ago in St. Lucia, we knew this would give Celebrity Cruises some unwanted publicity because of the incident.

Thankfully, no one was injured during the excursions put on by Celebrity, that’s right this was one of the guided tours, which you assume would be safe. However, while this news report will give certain individuals the idea that it is dangerous to visit the likes of St. Lucia, you have to remember that such events rarely happen.

Local police are now investigating the incident, and no doubt they will make certain that the Cruise line tour followed all the necessary precautions. Celebrity Cruises has said that they are monitoring things to make certain that it is still safe to continue as normal, and for the moment it’s business as usual.

Remember, this could happen anywhere, but it’s a shame because these gunmen could have a huge effect on tourism in St. Lucia, as it is obvious holidaymakers will be put off by these recent events.

We visited the Caribbean a year ago, and also went on a P&O excursion in St. Lucia, and not once did we feel unsafe, and so this news will not put us off going again.

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