Norwegian Breakaway spa and fitness complex is 23,000 sq ft


Towards the end of last month we touched on the hype being created for the Norwegian Breakaway maiden voyage, which is helped by daily pictures being shared on the official Facebook channel. These photos have included everything from a daily countdown to teases of cream cakes and massages to be found onboard.

True to form, Norwegian Cruise Line has shared some more Norwegian Breakaway photos since our last article, and most recently these have included highlights of what you can do onboard with a number of days left until the launch.

One of these can be seen in the image above this article, which highlights the Norwegian Breakaway spa and fitness centre. This complex totals 23,000 sq ft and will allow passengers to keep fit while cruising and also be pampered from head to toe.


The featured image for the previous day can be seen above that features the 24-foot climbing cage, which comes complete with a spiral slide. The image below features the quarter mile long Waterfront on Norwegian Breakaway.


What are you looking forward to most about the Norwegian Breakaway? If you want to learn more about the technology onboard the Norwegian Breakaway, then you should see this article.

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