Carnival Sunshine virtual tour, Atrium and Serenity


When this month started we took a look at the Carnival Sunshine and how workers were key to the transformation, which a video on the official YouTube channel revealed how this was the case. You can see that video and a picture of the Carnival Destiny logo being removed in our earlier article.

Now the ship has been pretty much cleared out, the journey to the Carnival Sunshine has well and truly started and should create a cruise ship that’s a lot more fun. Above this article you can see a new video released within the last few days, see it here if you’re inside our app, which takes another look inside the Carnival Sunshine while she’s in dry dock.


This video features a number of areas, but most importantly shows the Serenity area that looks spectacular. You can also see another video via YouTube here, which showcases a Carnival Sunshine virtual tour from earlier this year.

These two videos deliver a look at the Carnival Sunshine while its in dry dock, and also a virtual look at what it will look like once complete. You can see the Serenity Adult-Only Retreat with a cascading waterfall, bar with amazing views, and a cool whirlpool.

Take a look at the two videos for an inside look and virtual tour of Carnival Sunshine, then share a comment with your plans for cruising in 2013/2014 and if they will include a cruise on Carnival Sunshine.

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