Clive Palmer: From Titanic 2 cruise ship to dinosaur park


Most of our readers would have heard the name Clive Palmer by now, the man behind the Titanic 2 cruise ship, although this billionaire has many other projects he’s working on as well. One of these includes the world’s largest dinosaur park that will be based on the Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Interestingly, Palmer has ordered over 160 animated dinosaurs although planning permission hasn’t been given for the park just yet, which means these dinosaurs will need to be put in storage until permission is granted. You can see a photo below that features a robotic T-Rex found on Palmer’s gold resort.


This article has taken a look at Clive Palmer’s business and the man himself, which includes a quick look at the Titanic 2 cruise ship and the so-called Jurassic Park that will arrive without real-life dinosaurs but with robotic ones instead. The author doesn’t hold back with their opinion, which some people disagree with, especially if they know Clive Palmer (the man many think is a legend).

The much safer Titanic 2 – it is worth noting the new cruise ship will look almost exactly the same as the original Titanic, although there will be some key changes and more importantly a lot more safety. Things like smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, and radar will all create a safer environment on the Titanic 2 cruise ship. You can watch a video in our earlier article that asks some key questions in regard to Titanic 2 during an interview.

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