Carnival Triumph latest news update after storm


Over the last 8 hours we have heard about the Carnival Triumph breaking away from its moorings, although Carnival Cruise Lines issued a final update within the last few hours. The news broke on the official Facebook page just over 8 hours ago, which then followed with a couple of updates to keep cruise followers informed.

The last update landed at 7PM ET, which explained Carnival Triumph had been in a wet dock at a Mobile shipyard before breaking free during a storm with winds reaching in excess of 70MPH. The cruise ship then drifted for a while before being secured with tugboat assistance.

Carnival Cruise Lines stated that the tugboats would remain with the Carnival Triumph until the worst of the storm is over. The Facebook page states that 200 contractors and 600 crew, approximately, were onboard when the ship drifted although all are said to be safe without injury.

At the time of writing a damage assessment is being carried out, but early signals point to limited damage, although some people point out the bad luck Carnival Triumph has had recently. The Carnival Triumph is now at a Mobile Cruise Terminal.

This is the latest Carnival Triumph news update. Keep connected to Cruise Ship News and we will update you with further details as they arrive.

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