Carnival Sunshine cruise ship refurbishment is complex

Exactly one month today, Carnival Cruise Lines started a series of videos that featured the extremely complex cruise ship refurbishment for Carnival Sunshine. Just a few days ago Carnival published episode 4 in the Carnival Sunshine refurbishment series, which focuses on how the crew is key and aimed to reveal more details about the 3,000 construction workers making this refurbishment possible.


The latest Carnival Sunshine video can be seen above this article, if you’re in one of our apps then you should visit this page on YouTube, which runs for just over three and half minutes. This refurbishment has said goodbye to the Carnival Destiny, and in a few weeks will launch the Carnival Sunshine with new Captain’s Suites and renovated staterooms.


Videos in this transformation process so far have included the Carnival Sunshine Dry Dock “The Next Big Thing”, “The Transformation Begins”, “Designs and Execution”, and the latest “Crew is Key”. All of these videos can be seen via this link to Carnival’s Sunshine progress page.

The workers involved in the Carnival Sunshine refurbishment are staying on board another cruise ship right next to the Sunshine, which can be seen in the video above. You can also see the Destiny writing being removed in one of the images above.

The Carnival Sunshine transformation is said to cost $155 million. Did you take a cruise on the Carnival Destiny, and if so will you be cruising on the new Sunshine?

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