Regal Princess ceremony confuses cruise ship fans

It seems there had been some confusion yesterday over a tweet on the official Princess Cruises Twitter account, which teased something live from Italy and the Royal Princess shipyard. First reaction hinted at news related to the new Royal Princess cruise ship, although this ship will be taking cruise passengers in a few months time.

Now that the event has taken place we can confirm the big announcement had been related to the Regal Princess cruise ship, which won’t take its maiden voyeur until 2014. The live video featured a traditional ceremony all cruise ships take; this is the float out that allows water to flow into the ship’s building dock. It also marks the first time Regal Princess has met the ocean.


The event marks a construction milestone for the Regal Princess, although there’s a lot more to be done before the new Princess Cruises ship will launch next year.

We have included the video below that runs for less than two and half minutes, so take a look at the Regal Princess float out ceremony and share a comment about this cruise ship and the Royal Princess launching this year.

Were you confused over the Regal and Royal Princess yesterday, especially after the #RoyalPrincess tweet from Princess Cruises?

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