Titanic 2 interview asks big questions about new cruise ship

Earlier this month the world was treated to news of a new cruise ship being built called Titanic 2, which as the name suggests would be designed on the cruise line that sunk 100 years ago. This new cruise ship is the dream of a billionaire named Clive Palmer, we featured a video at the start of March that included comments from Palmer as to why he thought building Titanic 2 is a good idea.

Today, we want to feature another video talking about the Titanic 2 cruise ship although this video showcases an interview with the Senior Editor for Cruise Critic. The interview only lasts for just over 7 minutes, but it covers some big questions about the Titanic 2 ship.

A popular cruise blog and not Palmer are of course answering these questions, although the editor seems to know his stuff. If you want to know more about Titanic 2, then either head to our earlier article that includes a screenshot of plans or watch the video on this page that asks all the big questions.


At the time of writing the Titanic 2 cruise ship is planned for a 2016 maiden voyage. Would you want to be on the Titanic 2 when it takes its first cruise?

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  • Timothy brooke

    If I had the money, I wouldn’t hesitate, it would be one of the greatest voyages of all time

  • http://twitter.com/ThatsMyCoffee Scott

    I’ll skip that one, thanks.