Autism on the Seas cruise bookings start for 2014


We first detailed the Autism on the Seas brand a couple of years ago and how it’s seen as one of the best services dedicated to providing cruises for those with Autism. Later on that year we also explained a little more about Autism of the Seas, which featured details of cruises without staff and with staff. These were on cruise ships from well-known brands like Royal Caribbean, Princess, Norwegian Cruise Line, Disney, Celebrity and Carnival.

We had an email from Autism on the Seas within the last 24 hours, which promotes some of the 2014 Cruises with their Staff. This email points out that “now is the time to make plans for 2014”, thanks to the calendar being wide open at this time. If you’re interested in a cruise with Autism on the Seas staff, then take a look at this page. It is worth noting that this page also contains information on booking a cruise without staff through Autism on the Seas.

You will find a number of options when booking a cruise for 2014 through Autism on the Seas, which include the ability to choose the ship, cruise line, port city to depart from and the date you want.

There’s a number of things in common with booking a cruise directly or through Autism on the Seas, and this includes the cruise prices being lower the further you book in advance and the ability to gain a discount when booking in a group. The cruise deal will be bigger with more people in your group, which you can get help with forming a group via the official message boards.

Lastly, you might want to take a look at the new Autism on the Seas interactive online brochure that can be found here with details and actual pictures from their cruises with staff.

If you would like to read some background on the Special Needs Ability Program, aka S.N.A.P., then see their website at

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