MSC Preziosa christening receives countdown promotion


The last few days have seen the new MSC Preziosa cruise ship hit the headlines thanks to its delivery to MSC Cruises, which started with a traditional flag ceremony. MSC’s Vice President, Alexa AponteVago, had the honour of cutting the ribbon during the handover and well-known bottle breaking with champagne.

Now that the handover has completed it looks like MSC has ramped up promotion of their new Preziosa cruise ship, which can clearly be seen on the official website thanks to a pop up window. This box contains a countdown to when the MSC Preziosa will be christened, and at the time of writing that clock is at 5 days and 8 hours.

The MSC Preziosa christening will take place in Genoa on March 23rd. The new flagship cruise ship aims to offer high-tech comfort mixed with glamour, and if you’re new to this cruise ship then you should visit the information page on MSC, which offers details on the Preziosa cabins & suites, public lounges, Aurea Spa, technologies on board and the deckplan.


MSC explained in a recent announcement that the Preziosa trip to the port of Genoa will include a number of stops along the way. These include Valencia, Casablanca, Cadiz, Lisbon and Marseille. The MSC Preziosa actually arrives in Genoa on Friday night, March 22nd, with the christening taking place on Saturday. Keep connected to Cruise Ship News as we report on the christening ceremony in a few days time.

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