Number of UK cruise passengers increased in 2012


It is pretty amazing how popular cruising has become over the last few years, especially with families, which shows a clear trend for cruise ship holidays now appealing towards all ages more than ever.

This week we’ve seen a report revealing new figures for the number of UK cruise passengers in 2012. The email we received from Cruise Britain explains that growth last year hit 11 percent year-on-year and more people visited the UK via the 52 cruise ports than ever before.

Cruise ships brought a record number of passengers to the UK last year, which figures show these passengers totalled 723,000. When looking at how many people started a cruise from the UK, the number increases to 962,000 passengers that also resulted in a 10 percent increase.

These figures show that the UK is a popular cruise destination and that cruising is becoming a favoured option for those that live in the UK. The location of Britain also offers a unique cruise experience for those wanting to travel around the isles, which would allow visitors to see the countryside, cities, castles and coasts.

What changes have you seen in the UK cruise industry over the last few years?

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