New Norwegian Getaway cruise ship features Illusionarium


Within the last hour we have been treated to some breaking news from Norwegian Cruise Line, which is focused on a new magical experience called The Illusionarium.

We first noticed a tweet about one hour ago on the official Twitter account for Cruise Norwegian, and this explained “in less than an hour we will unveil an exciting new feature on Norwegian Getaway during a press conference at CSM 2013”. Moments later a few tweets explained exactly what that feature was and in a nutshell it’s an all-new entertainment experience called Illusionarium.

This new experience at sea can be seen in the photo above this article. NCL explained, “The Illusionarium on Norwegian Getaway will be an absolutely unparalleled experience at sea that has never been done”. Another tweet mentioned that the new Norwegian cruise ship would feature Fireworks at Sea, a Three Story Sports Complex and a five-slide Aqua Park.

From what we’ve seen so far, the water park and sports decks on Norwegian Getaway reveal something truly special for cruising.

We have included a few more photos revealed on the official Norwegian Cruise Line Facebook page, which can be seen below. Are you looking forward to taking a cruise on the Norwegian Getaway?

What does The Illusionarium remind you of? One comment we saw stated it looks like Hogwarts, which we can see the resemblance.



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