Royal Caribbean’s CocoCay and protecting cruise destinations


The environmental focus for cruise lines is becoming an increasing priority and this had been shown with the Norwegian Breakaway yesterday, which our article touched on some of the innovation being included with new technology.

Within the last 24 hours we have heard from Adam Goldstein, on the official Royal Caribbean blog, and he explained the focus for Royal Caribbean when it comes to looking after the seas they travel on. The blog post can be read in full here, which firstly talks about the commitment Royal Caribbean International has towards protecting the oceans and delivering ships with advancements in environmental technologies.

Goldstein wrote about the pride RCI has in working with leading environmental organizations and developing “sustainable shore excursions and destination stewardship standards“. This is an extension on the current efforts being made to improve technology on their cruise ships that work more for the environment.

CocoCay is the “first destination certified” with these extremely high sustainability standards, which Goldstein had great pride in announcing. You can read more about the certification process on the official blog via the above link.

Have you been to CocoCay with Royal Caribbean? You can see a photo of this cruise destination above, so take a look and feel free to share a comment on this and any other destinations you’ve visited.

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