Norwegian Breakaway innovates with new tech


Since the start of this year we have watched NCL promote Norwegian Breakaway on their Facebook page, which included various events and photos highlighting the countdown until the launch. We published some details over 6 weeks ago that revealed efforts in New York City to meet people and share photos on Facebook.

Environmentally friendly technology on board Norwegian Breakaway – the new cruise ship will innovate by using the latest tech, which aims to deliver a ship that produces lower emissions with better safety systems and energy saving gadgets. These enhancements will truly be understood when the new cruise ship is delivered towards the end of next month, April 25, which is currently being finished in Papenburg, Germany.

Norwegian Cruise Line highlighted how important building environmentally cruise ships is to them, which has been the focus of a recent press release and demonstrated on many of their ships.

The finer details of innovation on board Norwegian Breakaway can be seen below.

Enhanced Elements – Norwegian Breakaway includes a state-of-the-art water ballast treatment system and features PDAs for guest and crew with an all-new mustering tracking system.

Emission Reducing Features – LED lighting in the majority of places, increased energy efficiency with a galley energy management system (GEM), heat exchangers deliver heat recovery to other sources, fuel oil is recovered from waste oil with a system called Pure Dry and an advanced remote control system in staterooms helps Norwegian Breakaway switch off energy wasting devices remotely.

You can find a long list of enhancements for the bridge, underwater hull and other areas of the ship via this page.

Are you planning a cruise on Norwegian Breakaway and what do you think about these environmentally friendly improvements?

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